Connecting Science comprises four teams, working to further discussion and discovery of life-changing science.

Wellcome Genome Campus

Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences

We fund, develop and deliver training and conferences that span basic research, cutting-edge biomedicine, and the application of genomics in healthcare.

Working with internationally-renowned scientists and healthcare professionals, we run events at the Wellcome Genome Campus and in low- and middle-income countries that aim to educate, inspire, and transform careers.

Wellcome Genome Campus

Conference Centre

The Wellcome Genome Campus Conference Centre on Campus boasts world-class event and meeting spaces designed for knowledge sharing in the scientific research community.

It combines stunning contemporary architecture with the Grade II*-listed Hinxton Hall, offering flexible meeting rooms for 2 to 300, as well as accommodation and catering.

Wellcome Genome Campus

Society and Ethics Research

We use quantitative and qualitative research methods to investigate the social and ethical impact of genomics. We also have expertise in genetic counselling.

We gather attitudes, values and opinions for use in policy and practice, to improve the experiences of study participants, patients, their families as well as scientists and health professionals.